M. Gold Assets & Holdings Ltd. is an Israeli leading company in the field of advanced construction machinery.

The Company’s operations based on long-term knowledge accumulated in Israel and abroad within the group of companies which was founded in 1984 by Mr. Meir Goldgraber.

Our vision:

M. Gold aims to be a leader and to provide those involved in the field of infrastructure and building the latest innovations, through innovative equipment, advanced quality and introducing revolutionary technologies.

The company focused on its customers and their needs and is committed to providing professional services at the highest level began pre-sale, sale and after stage.

The company aims to maintain a relationship business partners and long-term fertility, based on fairness, reliability, value and a commitment to mutual success.

The company considers its employees as the key component for success. Its employees are proud to belong to a company that encourages teamwork, creativity, initiative and excellence, delegated authority and demands responsibility.

M. Gold and its employees are committed to protecting the environment.